Tips, Tips and More Tips

(refer also to Reading Labels and Terms Table)

  • We cannot stress this enough - Read every label - every time!

  • Store made bakery items are not always labeled with the possibility of nuts - be sure to ask the bakery staff about the risk.

  • In general, the larger the bakery, the better the labeling standards. Not all bakeries label their food with ingredients lists.

  • Avoid imported foods with foreign ingredient labels. If unsure of an ingredients meaning - don't buy the product.

  • Avoid prepared and frozen desserts and candy unless you have received verification from the manufacturer that it is safe to consume.

  • Have a pad and pen with you when you shop. If you have a question about a product, write down the product name and the manufacturer’s phone number or address. Utilize the info in Manufacturer's to contact them.

For many more tips, see the Peanut Allergy Handbook.

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