Asking Questions:

When you are looking for answers from manufacturers, the more specific your question, the more helpful your answer. For example, if you e-mail a company and ask for a list of their nut-free products, you will usually receive details about their labeling standards as opposed to specific products. This information is helpful, and you can follow-up with questions on specific products later.

If you e-mail or phone and ask about one or two specific products by name - you will get the answer you are looking for. Very, very few manufacturers can tell you all of their nut-free products without having to compile results - which they typically will not do.

When you have a question about a product, if you need an answer immediately, phone the customer service line as you will get an immediate response. Should you be looking for information on a product and you do not need immediate answers, you can use their web site to send your questions to them - but expect a 2-3 week delay before you receive your answer.

NOTE: Companies who have many nut-free products (such as Dare) may have products that use almond flavouring. Apparently there is a way to extract the almond flavouring but leave behind all of the protein so that is is non-allergenic. As always, check with the company first - but most of them have written guarantees from their suppliers that their almond flavour is non-allergenic.

Manufacturer Links:

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